What's Your Superpower? Perhaps, it could be your own Mind.

“You create your thoughts,
your thoughts create your intentions,
and your intentions create
your reality.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

From one of my favorite authors, the perfect quote that sums it all up. (re-read quote as many times as necessary). 



It is said that we have between 50,000 - 70,000 THOUGHTS a DAY. and, How fast does that thought take to manifest?

"It’s amazing to consider that a given thought can be generated and acted on in less than 150 ms. Consider the sprinter at a starting line. The reception and perception of the crack of the starter’s gun, the decision to begin running, issuing of the movement commands, and generating muscle force to start running involves a network that begins in the inner ear and travels through numerous structures of the nervous system before reaching the muscles of the legs. All that can happen in literally half the time of a blink of an eye." 


in less then 150 Milliseconds, your human mind is already taking an action from a thought you just had without even fully realizing it. In today's world, with so many things "calling to our attention" at all "seconds of each day. Do you think you have the power to fully, pause it all and direct it your next thoughts, your next actions, your next outcome reality more to your liking? We are saying, Yes. You are that powerful to be consciously aware of it ALL if you choose to be. To become aware is the first step. Then, you must direct your intention to what your perceived outcome will be. Hence, the beautiful quote by my Wayne Dyer:

"You create your thoughtsyour thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality." 


You have a superpower. With life and all of its bells and whistles, we got distracted from using our minds to its greatest ability. Let us help re-jolt your consciousness into self awareness and into your present moment. So, you thus can create your own clear path from there and keep growing as you were meant to be. 

With love, 

Self Reflection Tees


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