What Is Self Reflection?

What Is Self Reflection?

Self: Yourself 

Reflect: -something- Coming back to you (an image, a thought)

Tion: the result of, the action of.

The breakdown: Yourself coming back to Yourself in a form of a thought or an image. 

Self Reflection put simply: As you Think, so shall you Be. 


Self Reflection Brain

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Your perception of who, and what you are, will determine what you do- and will define everything in your life. Self Reflection is an opportunity to become who you wish to be, by defining your thoughts for YOU. 


Need some questions to start off with? These are the Main 2 questions to answer about YOU. If you only know 2 things in life, know these 2 things. 

  1. What do I like?
  2. What do i not like?



 'You create your thoughts,your thoughts create your intentions,and your intentions create your reality.' —Wayne W. Dyer 

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