How Can You Be Happier?

  1. Decide To Be. 
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Your perception rules it all.

My favorites quote comes from Dr. Wayne Dyer
"You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.”
How powerful is that?!

Once you can Live from a place that lets you create positive thoughts. Through that life tunnel - the outcome with then purpose a positive reality! 

Test yourself:
  • What are you thoughts right at this moment? 
  • Where did those thoughts stem from?
  • Are you able to change those thoughts quickly?
  • What makes you smile and be happy?

Choose to switch your mind to feel those smiles and the happiness, no matter what your thoughts (if they are on a stressful, pain, sad level). 



It all revolves around your Emotions. You Got this! Be your own cheerleader in this. Make yourself smiles, laugh... you have that power. Then, you are able to fully give your natural vibes of blissfulness to the world and others. And, it will feel as such. -BLISS- 

Negative thoughts creep in or it doesn't "sound" appealing. Then tell your mind its because you have decided that to be Fact at this time. Tomorrow it has the possibility to change. When you want to feel good, you Will. Because you have decided to. 

Example: need help quitting smoking? - decide to stop. If you say you can't quit, be honest with yourself, and say it's because you truly do not want to quit. Then a side trick is to stop putting something up to your lips. this is not easier said then done. Your words are your Magic. 

Key words:

  • Perception
  • Emotions
  • Decide


Can You See It All Now? 


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